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Our goal here at Jiffy is to help you get the most out of your custom storage solution. Whether you choose to install it yourself or get it installed professionally, we’ve got you covered. You can browse our resources on the left for an easy Do-It-Yourself installation.

Not a handy person? Don’t worry, we thought of that, too.

We’ve partnered up with the professional installation service company Jez Enterprises to help you. Jez Enterprises offers professional assembly and installation services to customers across USA. Their tradesmen are background tested and insured. Jez will skillfully assemble your solution and clean up the work area upon completion.

Get Your Estimate

  • Have the image of your solution ready and call Jez Enterprises directly to receive a quote.
  • Since TidySquares offers floor standing solutions, your baseboard may need to be partially or fully removed. Please have your baseboard height and depth measurements ready when speaking with a Jez representative to discuss your options.

How to Prepare for Your Installation

Prior to Jez’s arrival, please remove all of your belongings, including any existing shelving and clothing, and place the product in the room where it needs to be installed.

Sample Installation Prices

installation price $255*

installation price $370*

installation price $625*

*Please note that the installation prices shown are estimates and will vary depending on the distance to the nearest Jez installer. Please call Jez Enterprises for an accurate installation price.
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